2019 Scholarship
Celebrating Sports Fellowship, 
Spirit, and Community Pride
GCAC funds scholarships for local athletes, as well as helping local athletic departments. The membership is made up of more than 80 men and women who are graduates and supporters of college athletic programs across the country, including the SEC and other conferences.

To raise money to support scholarships and athletic programs, an annual golf tournament, several trivia nights and other activities help to accomplish the club’s mission.

Each of the eight Fall meetings includes dinner and a well-known guest speaker as well as team reports and a “crying towel” award. The meetings are held at the Craft Farms Golf Clubhouse on Monday evenings.

Those interested in joining GCAC may contact Andrew Harte, 
membership chairman, at 251-223-3622 or email at Andrew@remaxgs.com , or go to the website at

If you have identified anyone you would like to invite to join the club this year, please send me their name and email address. I will work with Andrew Hart to solicit these potential members next week. 

Thanks you for your continued support of GCAC!!!
President: George Autrey
Jake Lartigue and Kaily Werthem
2020 Won't allow for our typical meetings, but, 
there is an alternative way to get together for Football-Fun-Friendship!

President George Autrey explains below.

Hello again GCAC members,

Just wanted to send out a reminder that the normal 2020-21 GCAC Season has been cancelled, but also make you aware of an opportunity to gather/huddle, albeit a socially distanced huddle on select Monday's at The Safari Club around 6:30 PM.  

The Gulf Coast Athletic Club was formed in 1999 from a small group getting together in the fall to socialize and talk football. Since then, we have grown and evolved while keeping to the original mantra of “Fun is Fair.” Since our inception, we have donated over $200k to local athletics and funded scholarships for 36 Scholar Athletes. Although the GCAC board voted in favor of formally cancelling the 2020-21 season, some of us have decided to gather for food, fellowship, and football. It’s back to the basics, informal and no dues. GCAC has had up years and down years but never missed a season and don’t plan to start now. We are calling it “the GCAC Huddle”. We will meet informally beginning this Monday, September, 14 at The Safari Club (at the new Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo) around 6:30 PM. It may look a little different than we have done it recently and more like that original group in 1999, but as long as there are folks who want to talk football, there will be GCAC. Anyone interested in joining us for “the GCAC Huddle”, we would love to have you. 

Please be sure to contact me at autregn@yahoo.com to be put on an email alert for updated meeting times.

George Nick Autrey III


Thanks to Hurricane Sally, 
the GCAC Golf Tournament
is postponed until further notice.  Please see the letter from Fred Dickinson below.
I have been notified by Craft Farms Golf Resort that due to the massive damage from Hurricane Sally, the club courses will NOT be open and ready for public play by Nov 13 and no date has been determined for re-opening. Accordingly, the 2020 GCAC Golf Tournament has been cancelled until further notice. After Craft Farms re-opens, a new schedule could be considered if the board decides to do so.

Fred Dickinson
2020 Prognosticator of the Year 
Award Winner!
Ken Fletcher

Awarded at a small get together with:
Back Row: Charlie McAnnally--Joe Gilchrist--Chris Warner--Steve Means
Front Row:  Ron Sumter--George Autrey--Ken Fletcher

Gulf Shores High School
Introduces New Football Coach

Coach Mark Hudspeth

Mark's family looks on – wife Tyla and sons Major, Captain and Rocky.

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