2018 Scholarship
Celebrating Sports Fellowship, 
Spirit, and Community Pride
16th Annual Golf Tournament
2018 Special Edition
From President, Linda Martin.

The 16th Annual Gulf Coast Athletic Club Golf Tournament was held  at Craft Farms. The tournament was a great success with nearly 100 golfers enjoying a fun day of golf and festivities. The net proceeds from the tournament of over $9000 fully funded the scholarships to be presented this year to deserving Gulf Shores High School senior scholar athletes and helps assure GCAC‘s continued support for Gulf Shores High School Athletics.

Thanks to all who participated as golfers and those who volunteered their time to make this tournament a success. A special thanks to John McCormick & Fred Dickinson and their committee members for all their hard work.

Congratulations to all winners including:

1st Place Ladies: Carolyn Boudreaux                         #2 Place Ladies: Linda Spangrud
                               Kathleen Forbes                                                          Joy Majors   
​                                Leslie Anderson                                                          Susan Hirsch         
                                Mary Ann Terrell                                                          Linda Runtz


#1 Gross:   Jeff Kimbro                                                       #1 Net:  Ken Hall
​                    Steve Long                                                                     Forrest Forbes
                    Randy Hilsman                                                              Terry Peeples     
                    Mike Pyer                                                                        Rod Erdman

#2 Gross:    Ballard Sweat                                                  #2 Net:  Dec McClelland
                     Cole Baas                                                                      Joe Macaleer
                     Blake Rowell                                                                 Richard Lamar
                     Randy Davis                                                                  Michael Heroman

Thanks to everyone for helping to make this a great year for GCAC. I know everyone is looking forward to our new season which starts with our kick-off meeting in August.

See you then!
Linda Martin
Shown below are more scenes from our tournament. 
Click on the link below to view the album
2018 GCAC 16th Annual
Golf Tournament Results
Congratulations to our Winners!

A special thanks to our Tournament Co-Chairmen, 
John McCormick and Fred Dickinson, who year after year, put on a great tournament.  Also we want to thank Craft Farms and their staff for exceptional support to our tournament, to 
all the volunteers who provided additional help, and 
especially our tournament sponsors for supporting 
the GCAC 16th Annual Golf Tournament!

GCAC funds scholarships for local athletes, as well as helping local athletic departments. The membership is made up of more than 80 men and women who are graduates and supporters of college athletic programs across the country, including the SEC and other conferences.

To raise money to support scholarships and athletic programs, an annual golf tournament, several trivia nights and other activities help to accomplish the club’s mission.

Each of the eight Fall meetings includes dinner and a well-known guest speaker as well as team reports and a “crying towel” award. The meetings are held at the Craft Farms Golf Clubhouse on Monday evenings.

Those interested in joining GCAC may contact Andrew Harte, 
membership chairman, at 251-223-3622 or email at Andrew@remaxgs.com , or go to the website at

If you have identified anyone you would like to invite to join the club this year. please send me their name and email address. I will work with Andrew Hart to solicit these potential members next week. 

Thanks you for your continued support of GCAC!!!
President: Linda Martin
Another great lineup of Gulf Coast Athletic Club speakers for this year! 
 Please respond to President Linda Martin's E-Mail RSVP
just prior to each meeting to help prepare for the event.

Speaker Schedule for GCAC Meetings for 2018-19

August 27- Greg Byrne: Athletic Director at the University of Alabama
September 10- Tony Barnhart: CBS Sports College Football Insider
September 24- Jamarcus Russell: Former LSU and NFL Quarterback
October 8-Sam Jankovich: Former AD for Washington State & U of Miami
October 22-Joe Gottfried: Former AD for University of South Alabama
November 5-Sylvester Croom: Alabama Hero and Senior Bowl VP 
November 19-Cole Cublic: Former Auburn Captain and Radio Host
December 3-Trivia Night:  Start planning your team now!
January 21-TBA:  More suspense!?!
From Our First GCAC Meeting
of the 2018-2019 Season

August 27, 2018

Greg Byrne
Athletic Director
University of

The Gulf Coast Athletic Club started its 2018-2019 season at 7:00pm on Monday, August 27, 2018. New President Linda Martin opened the meeting and thanked all attendees for their interest and attendance. “I’m proud to serve as the Chair of such a great organization.”

Proving that this year will be different than others, President Martin turned the podium over to Dr. Gaylon McCullough to introduce our Guest Speaker who needs to catch a plane earlier than expected.
Our Speaker was University of Alabama Athletic Director Greg Byrne, who took the job in January 2017. He was previously at Arizona, Mississippi State (he hired Dan Mullen there), Oregon State, and Kentucky. His Dad was also an AD at Oregon, Nebraska, and Texas A&M.

He was very much at ease with the GCAC crowd and commented on the excellent state of UA athletics in all sports. His job is “trying to make our student-athletes the best they can be and also make them great citizens for our communities after graduation.”
What’s the next step for Bama? “Making sure we don’t get complacent”, and then he talked about the Crimson Stadium Initiative, making it a first class experience for all over the next 10 years and prepare for the future.

He said Head Football Coach Nick Saban is “66 going on 50” years old and just born to coach. Byrne said, “If you want to keep score, you need to try to win. Do it the right way.” He said all student athletes at UA have an average 3.7 GPA. When asked about Saban staying forever, he said he hoped so!
His annual budget at UA is $148 million and he’s trying to do what’s right for the school, adding U Texas in 2020-21. The school currently spends more than $100 million on travel, food, etc., and he doesn’t see paying athletes in the future.
When asked the inevitable question of who’s the starting Quarterback, Byrne replied, “Tua Hurts.”

President Martin thanked AD Byrne and then introduced the present and past Board Members. She also noted Dr. McCullough was presented the Paul W. Bryant Achievement Award and Doc has written a new book about his UA experiences with proceeds benefitting GCAC!! He’s always been a tremendous GCAC supporter!

Membership Chair Andrew Hart reported 71 members prior to the meeting, but we picked up 15 new members tonight!

David Lee reported on the kickoff of the Office Football Pool for this year noting last year’s Top Prognosticator was Fred Dickinson.

Gulf Shores Head Football Coach Matt Blake gave an excellent update on all GSHS sports, noting we have a State Champion in Wrestling’s 132 lb. Class. 2 cross Country runners set new school records and the Volleyball kicked off their year live streaming at all games. He noted seeing some brotherhood developing and said “We teach life.”

The 50/50 drawing was held and money donated back to the Club, with meeting adjournment at 8:33pm.

By: Bill Tunnell​
The Gulf Coast Athletic Club
Is Proud To Announce Our 
2017-2018--Scholar Athlete 
$3,500 Scholarship Award Winners!

Erin Corcoran and Jyon Corbett

Erin and Jyon will both receive a $3,500 Scholarship Award.
The GCAC, through the hard work of their members and partnered sponsors, were able to increase the scholarship award 
to the highest in the clubs history.

Erin & Jyon were chosen from a distinguished list of Scholar Athletes from the Gulf Shores High School.  We wish nothing but continued success in the futures of both our winners and all the Nominees.

G U L F   C O A S T   A T H L E T I C   C L U B
Erin Corcoran and Jyon Corbett with Linda Martin & Dec McClelland
President Linda Martin opened the September 24, 2018 meeting of the Gulf Coast Athletic Club. She then introduced Past President Taylor Means and Taylor proceeded to introduce our guest speaker, JaMarcus Russell, former LSU star and the first person drafted in the NFL Draft after his stellar college career.

JaMarcus started his playing career at Mobile’s Williamson High School, and finished as a Parade All American. He was heavily recruited by Florida State, Alabama, Tennessee, and LSU, who had some coach named Saban. Choosing LSU over his beloved Florida State – his mother said Baton Rouge was closer than the others, he went 9-3 in 2005 under Saban, then 10-1 in 2006 under Les Miles, and 10-2 his last year. After being drafted, he played 3 years until injury sidelined his active playing career.

What was it like playing for Coach Saban? He was a “wonderful man, straight forward, an Army Sergeant, a real defensive guy”. Coach Miles, on the other hand, was an offensive guy. He said he loved Les, but he wasn’t Saban. He didn’t expect to go pro after his third year, but received advice to do so. He then made a comment that he liked honest people and many around the game are not.

He commented about the Tua/Jalen QB battle and that you’re “gonna play if you’re good and you need to be ready when your number is called’”.
JaMarcus came back to Mobile after his football career was over. He is now the Head Football Coach at his alma mater, Williamson High School. He said, “I’m back in my community to make it sweet!” WHS is currently 3-1 and he believes will be better, “Never let them tell you what you can’t do.” Respect your mother and father and “learn when, and when not to. One day you will learn.”

President Linda called on Membership Chairman Andrew Hart who reported 98 members!

Football Pool Chair David Lee reported Chuck Norwood is currently in first, with Bill Tunnell, Debbie Bower, and David himself close behind.

DR. Gaylon McCullough introduced our first of several student athletes after commenting that JaMarcus had allowed us to see his heart and that God had truly blessed him.

Our female student athlete is Megan Kirby. She has a 30 on the ACT and a 4.36 GPA. She plays varsity basketball and also a lifeguard, saving several lives at the beach. This National Honor Society and Girls State achiever wants to be a physician, studying at either USA or UAB through the early admission into Medical School program.

Our male student/athlete is Jacob Knight, who plays three sports at GSHS. He sports a 29 on ACT and a 4.0 GPA. He is a three year starter and offense AND defense for the GSHS football team and is the Team Captain. His role model is Tim Tebow and Jacob seeks a career as a Firefighter and a Minister. He is looking at SEU in Lakeland, FL. Jacob participated in President Martin’s LIT program at GSHS.

Coach Matt Blake reported on school athletics, saying these two students represent what we strive for all our students to become”. Football has its ups and downs, Volleyball is finishing strong, and Cross Country has four individual champions. “Go Dolphins!!”

Dec McClelland handled the Team Reports and Crying Towel deftly as usual. Sadly, Madame President Linda Martin took the Crying Towel for the Mississippi State loss to Kentucky. “What the Snell?”  

The 50/50 drawing was held with a pot of $94 Adjournment was at 8:13pm.

By: Bill Tunnell
From Our 
GCAC Meeting

September 24, 2018

Jamarcus Russell

​Former LSU 
and NFL Player

Erin Corcoran and Jyon Corbett
President Linda Martin opened the September 10, 2018 meeting of the Gulf Coast Athletic Club. She welcomed all attendees, especially the new members. She also complimented Craft Farms and the staff for their food and cooperation in staging our meetings.

Membership Chairman Andrew Hart announced that we now have 97 members, up from 72 just two weeks ago!! Great!! Guests were introduced as well as new members.
David Lee said the Office Football Pool has started off the way he planned, since, after two weeks of picking, he is on top. Yes, that’s very suspicious, but there are several shooting for first place, so hang on there, David! This year, the top three pickers at the end of the year will receive a payout with the top being named Prognosticator of the Year. Yours truly won the first year and Fearless Fred Dickinson currently holds the POTY Cup. 21 club members are competing this year. President Martin noted she had picked Kentucky to beat the Florida Gators, which they did!

Coach Owen Corcoran from Gulf Shores High School gave a rundown on school athletics. Cross Country Boys and Girls are already winners. He noted that GCAC donated the money to buy the camera that will be used to stream Basketball and Wrestling around the world. Football is not proceeding as well, but the season is still young. Homecoming is this week and our opponent is Satellite Beach, FL.
Dec McClelland took over the podium for Team Reports, telling our Guest Speaker that this wasn’t LA as we all know it, but UCLA – Upper Class Lower Alabama! He also noted that Geritol was detected in the random Club Drug Test. The first Crying Towel of the year was awarded to Michigan State for their terrible loss to Arizona State 45-13. No one could be found who said they actually were a Michigan State fan to accept the Crying Towel.

On to introduction of our great Guest Speaker by Miss SaltyAirDawg herself, Cheryl Cochrell, one of the best UGA supporters ever! Cheryl did a marvelous job introducing fellow Georgia Alum Tony Barnhart, Mr. College Football himself! Barnhart’s career stretches from early days at the Atlanta Journal Constitution to his present position at ESPN. He is a Past President of the American Football Writers Association, has written several books, and won many awards.

Tony said we all love college football, but those of us in the SEC and the South love it more than anywhere else. Going through the East and West Divisions of the SEC, we sees the following: East – 1) Georgia; 2) Kentucky; 3) Florida; 4) South Carolina; 5) Tennessee; 6) Missouri; and 7) Vanderbilt (currently undefeated). The West rankings are: 1) Alabama; 2) Auburn; 3) Mississippi State; 4) Texas A&M; 5) LSU; 6) Ole Miss; and 7) Arkansas. It’s Georgia vs. Alabama in the SEC Championship.
He noted Alabama is as good as he’s ever seen and this is the best offense Coach Saban has ever had. He also noted the highly touted Big 10 East Division is nowhere as good as the SEC West.

Looking at the Power 5 Conferences, Alabama wins the SEC, Clemson, also loaded, wins the ACC, Ohio State and Wisconsin are the class of the Big 10, but O State wins, the Big 12 sees Oklahoma vs. TCU with OU winning both games they will play against each other in successive weeks, and the PAC 12 sees Washington vs. Stanford, Washington coming out on top.

As far as the Playoffs are concerned, and he said he doesn’t see them expanding, due to the high expense involved by teams and supporters. Alabama, Clemson, and Ohio State are in, and in a surprise choice that will again be highly debated, a one loss Georgia team, beaten only by the Crimson Tide, might possibly be selected as the fourth team over Oklahoma and Washington or Washington might prevail.
Semi-final games will pit Alabama, playing in the closest bowl site to their home in Tuscaloosa, against Washington or Georgia in the Cotton Bowl on December 29th, and Clemson and Ohio State tangling in the Orange Bowl the same day. The Finals sees another rematch of Bama against Clemson with Dabo taking another loss on the chin. Tony noted, until two weeks ago, his #1 choice was Clemson, but that has now changed.

Taking Q&A, he said Dabo is the logical choice to succeed Nick Saban, a job that no one should want to follow Saban. Texas and Oklahoma are the only two teams that would benefit the SEC if they chose to expand, and Auburn shouldn’t be moved to the SEC East to maintain competitive balance in the league. FSU had been previously been offered to come into the SEC, but Coach Bowden turned it down.

The 50/50 drawing was held with a pot of $120. Adjournment was at 8:29pm.

Jamarcus Russell
LSU Quarterback
From Our
 GCAC Meeting

September 10, 2018

Tony Barnhart
"Mr. College Football"
Radio and TV

By: Bill Tunnell
By: Jim Walker
By: Jim Walker
 Our Next GCAC Meeting
of the 2018-2019 Season

October 8, 2018

Sam Janovich
Former Washington State & University of Miami
Athletic Director

Sam Jankovich (born 1935) is an American sports administrator that has held several positions, including athletic director at the Washington State University and the University of Miami. He also was the CEO of the New England Patriots of the National Football League and president and general manager of the Las Vegas Gladiators of the Arena Football League.

A native of Butte, Montana, Jankovich earned a letter in football in 1957 at the University of Montana in Missoula, then known as Montana State University. His playing career was cut short by a serious knee injury; Jankovich tried to give his scholarship back but Grizzly coach Jerry Williams refused his offer.
Coaching career
After graduation, Jankovich became a football coach at Butte High School, where he won two state championships. He later became an assistant coach at Montana State University in Bozeman under head coach Jim Sweeney. In 1968, he followed Sweeney to Washington State University in Pullman, where he served as head assistant coach and defensive coordinator. He left coaching in 1972, when he became an assistant to the athletic director at Washington State.

Athletic administrator
After several years as an assistant athletic director, Jankovich succeeded Ray Nagel as WSU's athletic director in August 1976. He established a reputation for building athletic facilities, primarily expanding Martin Stadium in 1979 by lowering the field and removing the track. This required the addition of the new Mooberry track facility and the relocation of the baseball stadium.
In 1983, Jankovich took a job as athletic director at the University of Miami in southern Florida, and held this position until 1990. During his tenure, Miami's football team rose to perennial national power and men's basketball returned after a 15-year absence. Jankovich oversaw several national championships including three in football and one each in baseball, men's and women's tennis, and women's golf.

In December 1990, Jankovich was hired by Victor Kiam as Chief Executive Officer of the New England Patriots. He was hired to rebuild the team after a league-worst 1–13 finish. He left after two seasons, as the Patriots went 6–10 in 1991 and 2–14 in 1992.

Later life
Jankovich then worked as a consultant to various corporations and universities including doing fundraising for the U.S. Olympic Committee. He would eventually become president and general manager of the Las Vegas Gladiators of the Arena Football League.
Our own David DeMeyer friend
Sam Janovich!