2019 Scholarship
Celebrating Sports Fellowship, 
Spirit, and Community Pride
GCAC funds scholarships for local athletes, as well as helping local athletic departments. The membership is made up of more than 80 men and women who are graduates and supporters of college athletic programs across the country, including the SEC and other conferences.

To raise money to support scholarships and athletic programs, an annual golf tournament, several trivia nights and other activities help to accomplish the club’s mission.

Each of the eight Fall meetings includes dinner and a well-known guest speaker as well as team reports and a “crying towel” award. The meetings are held at the Craft Farms Golf Clubhouse on Monday evenings.

Those interested in joining GCAC may contact Andrew Harte, 
membership chairman, at 251-223-3622 or email at Andrew@remaxgs.com , or go to the website at

If you have identified anyone you would like to invite to join the club this year, please send me their name and email address. I will work with Andrew Hart to solicit these potential members next week. 

Thanks you for your continued support of GCAC!!!
President: Linda Martin
Jake Lartigue and Kaily Werthem
Congratulations to our 
2019 Scholarship Winners!
Kaily Werthem & Jake Lartigue

​President Linda Martin and Vice President David Lee
were on hand to announce the winners of
2- $3,500 Scholarships awarded this year by 
Your Gulf Coast Athletic Club!

From GCAC President, Linda Martin:

The 17th Annual Gulf Coast Athletic Club Golf Tournament was held at Craft Farms. The tournament was a great success with nearly 100 golfers enjoying a fun day of golf and festivities. The net proceeds from the tournament will fully fund the scholarships to be presented this year to deserving Gulf Shores High School senior scholar athletes and helps assure GCAC‘s continued support for Gulf Shores High School Athletics.

Thanks to all who participated as golfers and those who volunteered their time to make this tournament a success. A special thanks to Fred Dickinson and his committee members for all their hard work.

Congratulations to all winners!

1st Place Gross Ladies: Carolyn Boudreaux             1st Place Ladies Net: Linda Spangrud
                                   Kathleen Forbes                                                      Joy Majors  
                                      Shirley LaFoy                                                           Angela Wolfe  
                                  Mary Ann Terrell                                                      Linda Runtz

     1st Place Gross: Tom Bruce                                1st Place Net: Caleb Davis
                                     Preston DeFriend                                             Cody Rhodes
                                         John Mitchell                                                     Dennis Stastka  
                                 Leroy Shamburger                                            Wade Ward

Thanks to everyone for helping to make this another great year for GCAC. I know everyone is looking forward to our new season which starts with our kick-off meeting in August.

See you then!
Linda Martin

2019 GCAC 17th Annual
Golf Tournament Results
Congratulations to our Winners!

A special thanks to our Tournament Chairman, 
Fred Dickinson, who again has put on a great tournament.  Also we want to thank Craft Farms and their staff for exceptional support to our tournament, to 
all the volunteers who provided additional help, and 
especially our tournament sponsors for supporting 
the GCAC 17th Annual Golf Tournament!

Thank You!
To all our GCAC Sponsors!
Without your support, the 
GCAC 17th Annual
Golf Tournament
would not be possible.
17th Annual
 Click on the picture below to view
more scenes from our tournament.
Another great lineup of Gulf Coast Athletic Club speakers for this year! 
 Please respond to President Linda Martin's E-Mail RSVP
just prior to each meeting to help prepare for the event.

 GCAC Speaker Schedule for the 2019-2020 Season

Aug. 26:            Jake Coker                   Former Alabama QB 
Sept 9:              Tommy Tuberville      Former AUburn Coach 
Sept. 23:           Sherman Williams     Former Alabama/Dallas Cowboys RB 
Oct. 7:               Reese Dismukes         Former AUburn/NFL Center 
Oct. 21:             Verge Ausberry           Former LSU Player/Asst. AD 
Nov. 4:                 Joe Cribbs                Former AUburn & NFL RB
Nov. 18:              Cole Cublic                Former AUburn player/TV analyst
Dec. 2:                Trivia Night 
Jan 20, 2020:         TBA
From Our
GCAC Meeting

August 26th, 2019

Jake Coker

University of Alabama
President Linda Martin opened the 2019-20 season of the Gulf Coast Athletic Club at 7:00pm on Monday, August 26, 2019. She thanked the large crowd assembled and said she was looking forward to another great year. She had the Board stand up, noting we had two new Directors this year.

David Lee then took over the podium for a well-deserved tribute and memorial to our late member and former master Membership Director, Dixie Dave DeMeyer. He recently had a stroke and passed away far too quickly from this earth. Dave was a huge Washington State Cougars fan and, last year, had the legendary former WSU Athletic Director Stan Jankovich here as his guest and our Guest Speaker. David Lee told several Dixie Dave stories, from his tragic US Navy Ensign flying days where he was involved in a mid-air collision in Pensacola during training, his subsequent 2 year recovery, and other exploits of our dearly beloved fellow member. Good Bye, Dixie Dave DeMeyer, gone but never forgotten.

Linda introduced Membership Chair Andrew Hart who reported we have 80 members and counting at this point. New members and guests were introduced.

David Lee took over the mike again and told all of the Football Pool on again for this year. Joey Daughtery will be handling this and we’ll get cranked up this week. $25 gets you in the pool picking 10 games per week against the point spread for the next 14 or so weeks. This year, each player only gets 2 autopicks, then all losses after those two for all weeks not selected by the participant. Our Defending Champion as the Most Proficient Pigskin Prognosticator is Mrs. HiYield herself, Cynthia Tunnell.

Coach Matt Blake was introduced and made his way to the stage amid a chorus of “GO DOLPHINS” commemorating the first ever season-opening win for the newly established Gulf Shores High School City System. Coach said they had a great off-season and there was excitement in the air. He talked about getting to hire 6 new coaches for the new Athletic Staff and thanked Superintendent Matt Akin for his support, also, of course, the continued support of the Chair of the School Board, our very own Kevin Corcoran!! The 17-14 win came with a blocked last-minute Satsuma field goal attempt! So proud, GSHS!

Dec McClelland will give Team Reports and the legendary Crying Towel again this year. He noted this was the 20th year of GCAC and thanked Kevin Corcoran, Dr. Gaylon McCollough, and Chuck Norwood as original members. The CT resumes in two weeks. He did note the demise of the Mayor’s ponytail.

Dr. McCollough said, before introducing our Speaker, the Club annually hosts male and female Student Athletes during our fall meetings and scholarships are awarded to one each at year’s end. The amounts have ranged from $2,000 to $5,000 each, depending on our fundraising events’ success.

He then introduced former FSU and Alabama Quarterback Jake Coker, the only Division One QB to play on two different National Championship teams, once at FSU under Coach Jimbo Fisher and winning the Championship in 2015 under Coach Nick Saban. Your Editor felt Coker’s presentation was refreshingly candid, honest, humorous, and extremely sincere, lots of experiences in a short time.

He graduated from St. Paul’s in Mobile, and detailed his quest for a college scholarship. His Father was also present and added comments to Jake’s well-received remarks. We might add his wife was also present and it was announced they are expecting after year’s end. Knee and shoulder injuries riddled his playing career and cut short his pro career with the Arizona Cardinals. He now works for a Mobile bank.

He told numerous stories about FSU and Alabama, how so many things were the same at each (the FSU food wasn’t the best), and the mental toughness needed to excel. “Saban means a lot to me,” Jake said, and related some emotional moments during his career that helped him and the Tide win in 2015 after an early loss to Ole Miss. Elected Team Captain that year, he said the season was “what I always wanted to do.” Well Done, Jake Coker!!

The 50/50 was drawn and awarded and adjournment was at 8:27pm.

By: Bill Tunnell

       Jake Coker with wife Sarah looking on.                 David Lee gives a great tribute to David DeMeyer

David's passion for all things Washington State is legendary.  We'll think of you every College Game Day as the WSU flag flies proudly.
From Our Last
GCAC Meeting

September 9th, 2019


Former Auburn University
Head Coach
President Linda Martin opened the Gulf Coast Athletic Club meeting at 7:00pm on Monday, September 9, 2019. She thanked the large crowd assembled, then, in a ‘salute” to Past President David Lee, told a joke! Granted, it was better than most of David’s. New members and guests were introduced.
George Autrey took over the mike and told all of the Football Pool on again for this year. After two weeks, it seems that Taylor Means and George himself are pacing the field so far with 13 wins in 20 games. Lots of picking to go for the 30 participants.

Coach Matt Blake was introduced and then proceeded to introduce his better half, Courtney Blake. Good choice, Coach, although she seems to be a closet Auburn fan married to a former Crimson Tide player!! With a daughter at AU, she can be forgiven. GSHS lost a heart-breaker last Friday in their Homecoming game against Robertsdale. The decision to go for two after the Overtime touchdown didn’t produce the expected result, but Coach said it was the team’s best effort of the year. New Girls Volleyball Coach Karen Atkins is doing a great job, and Cross County is doing well.

Dec McClelland gave the Team Reports with a Top 25 rundown, plus some local favorites. It was good to see Karen Sabatino giving the Colorado Buffaloes report in the same manner as her late husband and former Buff, Bill Sabatino. The legendary Crying Towel started with a bang this year, well, maybe a whimper, as John McCormick took the Crying Towel Award due to Tennessee’s lackluster performances this year. John did note he’s got a nice collection of towels so far. Go, Ole Sloppy Top!

Filling in admirably for his son Taylor, who was out of town for a funeral, Mayor Means gave a fine introduction for our Guest Speaker, former Auburn University Head Football Coach, Tommy Tuberville. He is running for the US Senate because he believes in America as this is not the country he grew up in. 

Coach’s resume is most impressive with assistant coaching stints at Arkansas State, Miami, Texas A&M, then Head Coach positions at Ole Miss, Auburn, Texas Tech, and Cincinnati. Auburn was undefeated (13-0) with a Sugar Bowl win in 2004 and Coach was selected as the Coach of the Year. He has been President of the American Football Coaches Association and was hired by ESPN in 2017 as an analyst. He did say something about a thumb, apparently when his Tigers drubbed the Tide six straight years.

Beginning by asking all Veterans to stand up, Coach Tuberville held the audience spellbound with his great collection of stories, sentiments, and hope for the future. He expressed his concern that America was trying to kill Football. He coached for 40 years and, in all that time, college players are still kids, working hard, taking losses very hard, but all should remember they are just kids – 17 to 23 years old.

He told some great stories of hiring assistant coaches, one in particular, some guy they call Coach O of current LSU fame. He said college football is blossoming because of Quarterbacks and the Spread Offense. Without a great QB, it’s tough to win. Jalen Hurts has a great opportunity of Oklahoma this year since little defense is played outside the SEC.

To be a great coach, you must be organized, work hard all year, especially on Sundays during the season, have 120 or so great kids, and be a great motivator. The best motivator he said was Jimmy Johnson at the University of Miami. R.C. Slocomb was also great. Recruiting is also key to success. He did say Nick Saban was the most focused coach anywhere. He said running QBs get killed in the NFL. Coach noted all college athletes get $1,000 monthly and a $1,500 cash bonus at the end of the semester, so paying players not something he sees coming. Game attendance is down due to high ticket prices.

When asked about his vision of the future, this Christian Conservative gave an honest assessment of the problems he sees, and he wants to go help the President. He’s a motivator and a great communicator, and left the crowd talking enthusiastically about his chances in the upcoming 2020 Senate election. 

The 50/50 was drawn and awarded to COL Bud Patty and adjournment was at 8:24pm.

By: Bill Tunnell
From Our 
GCAC Meeting

September 23rd, 2019


Former University 
of Alabama
Running Back
​President Linda Martin opened up the third 2019 meeting of the Gulf Coast Athletic Club meeting at 7:00pm on Monday, September 23rd. She threw fear into the hearts of all gathered with the words, “I should bring a cowbell.” Now you know who she supports! New members and guests were introduced.

George Autrey took over the mike and told all of the Office Football Pool after the first four weeks. George just happened to mention that he thought he was on top, which he is! Cary Bathrick and Team Bathrick got 9 of 10 last week. Your Editor can’t remember a better week in the history of the Club’s Football Pool since its beginning in 2016. However, the season is still young!

Coach Matt Blake was introduced and thanked the Club for continuing to honor Student Athletes. GSHS Football is off this week and the team is 1-4 after a bone-crushing schedule this year so far and it doesn’t get any easier. Volleyball is doing great and is 14-5 coming off a tournament victory in Mobile last week. Spirits at school are high and lots of great sports to go this year. GO DOLPHINS!!

In the absence of Dr. Gaylon McCollough, our bi-weekly Student Athlete Scholarship qualifiers Introducer, the job was very ably handled by one of Doc’s Associates at the McCollough Institute, Dr. Yula Indeveya. Doc, gotta tell you she’s a lot prettier than you! Dr. Indeveya proceeded to introduce our Female Student Athlete, Marti McLaurin and her parents. She has a 4.2 GPA and is an outstanding Volleyball player, in fact, she is the #1 Beach Volleyball Player in Alabama. She’s also on the Bowling Team and coaches kids in her spare time. She is going to UAB and pursue an Athletic Training career.Our Male Student Athlete is Thor Tobiasson, who attended with his parents. Thor is #1 in the Senior Class of 207, with a 4.6 GPA and 32 on the ACT. He’s played Varsity Football for 4 years and caught a 72 yard-long touchdown pass last week. He is a Class Officer and member of the National Honor Society. He wants to go to either Auburn or Alabama. He thanked his parents for pushing him.

In the never-ending saga of the missing Dec McClelland, the best ever, Kevin Corcoran gave the Team Reports with a Top 25 rundown, plus some local favorites. The legendary Crying Towel almost predictably went to the deserving recipient, Mr. Poppa Rocco himself, for Michigan’s sound defeat by Wisconsin. Bill would have taken the Crying Towel, except he must have been in Mexico with Dec!
Andrew Hart gave a fine introduction of Sherman Williams, author and former star running back with the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Dallas Cowboys. He was the first player in Alabama to gain more than 3,000 yards in a season at Class 5A Blount High School in Mobile. He played at Bama 1991-94 under Coach Gene Stallings, was drafted #1 by the Cowboys, and was on the Super Bowl 30 winning team.

Sherman and former Tide and Vikings standout David Palmer operate the Palmer Williams Group which offers assistance, encouragement, and life skills training to youngsters all over. Starting his presentation with a prayer, he teaches kids to have the “Heart of A Champion,” when you’re faced with adversity. Sherman, the author of Crimson Cowboy, faced a 15 stint in Federal Prison which motivated him to be better than he was and help others. He said “Help others and have a forgiving heart.”

Graduating from college after that time, Williams is a true example of someone picking themselves up and becoming a success. He had a taste of success early, winning a PeeWee football championship, a Class 5A High School championship, a National Championship at Alabama in 1992, and a Super Bowl with Dallas in 1995. He left us with G.O.A.L.S., Gratitude/be grateful, Take advantage of Opportunities, Accomplisments, Life Lessons, and Success. He said “I leave you with the peace and love of Jesus.”

In a Q&A session, he said he still wears his UA Championship ring, but one of his daughters goes to Clemson. He noted that his former teammate, Dabo Swinney, was quite the recruiter. 

The 50/50 was drawn and awarded to Bob Higgins who immediately gave it back to the Club. Adjournment was at 8:30pm.

By: Bill Tunnell

By: Linda Martin
From Our 
GCAC Meeting

October 7th, 2019

Reese Dismukes
Auburn University Center
Rimmington Trophy Winner
Consensus All American
NFL Career
By: Jim Walker
By: Jim Walker
President Linda Martin opened up the October 7, 2019 meeting of the Gulf Coast Athletic Club meeting at 7:00pm. She noted we are already halfway through the season. New members and guests were introduced, which included the Bride of Head Coach Matt Blake, Courtney Blake and son, Paten Blake.
George Autrey took the podium and announced we have a new leader in the Football Pool. BulldogBilly is currently in first place in the season-long contest with a winning percentage of 56.7%, followed closely by 87Bama with 56.0%. This week’s winner, with 8 of 10, was “Claudia”, Ms. Dale Sumpter. Great picking, Dale! The previous three season-winners, including your Editor, are all lingering toward the back of the pack, but watch out for a strong finish! The season is still young.

Coach Matt Blake was introduced and thanked the Club for its continued support. GSHS had a rough outing last week against the State’s #1 team, Saraland, with a 28-0 deficit after the first quarter, but played a solid game after that. Lots of opportunities and a reminder that it’s a four quarter game. Our very own Andrew Hart handled the game PA duties for the first time, subbing for our very own Kevin Corcoran, the long-time PA announcer for GSHS Football, who was out of town. 

Gulf Shores Middle School Volleyball just won the County tournament and Varsity VB is also doing great. Cross Country once again has a strong squad and should qualify several for the State Meet. Swimming won the first two matches. In two weeks, Basketball and Wrestling will start. GO DOLPHINS!!

The Pride of the Irish, Dec McClelland, returned from his Mexican sabbatical and led the Team Reports, noting 6 SEC Teams in the Top 25 in the AP Poll. We think he was trying to avoid the Crying Towel by being so far out of town. The Crying Towel went to the Auburn Tigers for their loss to the Florida Gators. “Florida Gators Nix Auburn” or something like that. John Boller was gracious in his acceptance “speech”.
President Martin told all that the Memorial Service for the late David DeMeyer, our late infamous Washington State Cougars fan, was excellent and a fitting tribute to a really great guy. RIP, David.

Past President Taylor Means introduced former Auburn Center Reese Dismukes, who ably stepped in for the missing Johnny Davis who have to cancel at almost the last minute for a medical emergency. Reese played at Spanish Fort HS and, at Auburn, was the Nation’s #1 Center his Senior Year, winning the Remington Award which recognizes the best Center in America.

He currently is in the Insurance business on the Eastern Shore and also coaches Middle School Football at UMS in Mobile. He noted the first key to success is to get your 6 out of bed and get going. Reese credits Coach Matthew Wells, his Line Coach, at Spanish Fort, for his playing success.  
Reese started 50 games during his four year stint at Auburn, starting every game as a Freshman, an amazing feat in itself. He was All SEC twice, and an All American, plus served as AU Team Captain for his last two years. During his time, Auburn did play in the National Championship game against Florida State, but, as he says, came up “13 seconds short” as FSU mounted a late game scoring drive to win in 2013.

He gave a great rundown of key games in his AU career with lots of comments about the “Prayer in Jordan-Hare” and the “Kick 6’ games. His professional career wasn’t as successful, although he was a member of the Carolina Panthers team who played Denver in Super Bowl 50, Payton Manning’s last professional game. Injuries cut short a promising career.

Reese continued his talk with a Q&A session with good thoughts about this year’s AU Tigers, plus other comments on the impact of social media. He concluded his remarks by talking about his major project, the 50 Foundation, which aids children with epilepsy. He started the Foundation in 2017, and has had success in raising funds for scholarships and service dogs. He also has a podcast, “Between the Tackles”.

The 50/50 was drawn and awarded to Fred Connell. Adjournment was at 8:11pm.
By: Bill Tunnell
From Our 
GCAC Meeting

October 21st, 2019

Verge Ausberry
Former LSU Linebacker
Executive Deputy AD at LSU

On a rainy Monday evening, President Linda Martin opened up the October 21, 2019 meeting of the Gulf Coast Athletic Club meeting at 7:00pm. New members and guests were introduced.

George Autrey took the podium and announced that Scott Johnson is the new leader in the Football Pool. George noted several are struggling, your Editor included, but still a lot of ball to go.

Coach Matt Blake was introduced and talked about last week’s game with Daphne, which was rescheduled for Saturday because of Tropical Storm Nestor. Coach noted they are on their 6th Quarterback of the season, but he’s very proud of his guys for their efforts every day. Volleyball is 31-9 and playing great, currently ranked #9 in the State of Alabama. Area and State tourneys are coming up. Winter sports started today for Basketball and Wrestling with all new Head Coaches. Cross County won on Saturday and should go to State. Swimming has 13 or 14 qualified for State already and Boys and Girls Bowling, with our own Coach Owen Corcoran, has started. GO DOLPHINS!!

Doctor Gaylon McCollough, our usual Student-Athletes presentation guru, was out of town, so the duties were ably handled by his Associate at the McCollough Institute, Dr. Yula Indeveya, who, once again, did a wonderful job. Our Female Student Athlete was Lisa Patel, a member of the Varsity Basketball Team. She has a 4.4 GPA and is #1 in the Senior Class and is also President of the Student Government Association. With an ACT score of 29, she hopes to attend UAB or Auburn and major in Biomedical Sciences. She wants to get a Masters from UAB. She thanked her parents and the GCAC and noted that sports were a big part of her life. 

Our Male Student Athlete was John Paul Uter. He has a 4.37 GPA and has been a member of the National Honor Society for three years, and he concurrently attends Coastal Alabama Community College. A Quarterback (for 11 years) and Safety of the Football team, he also participates on the Wrestling Team, which he noted is a “Gentlemen’s Sport”. He wants to go to college and study engineering. He thanked God and his parents and said his teammates have shown a lot of heart during this tough season. 

Dec McClelland led the Team Reports with his usual excellent commentary on the giving’s and misgivings of all our favorite teams. The SEC still has 5 teams in the Top Ten. The Crying Towel was awarded to Maryland for their 34-28 loss to Indiana “Your loss is our win”, but sadly, Maryland Mike was nowhere to be found to accept this week’s laundry. Seems the Terps have given up 2,000 yards so far this year.

Our Speaker was Verge Ausberry, the Executive Deputy Athletic Director and Executive Director of External Relations at LSU. Verge played Middle Linebacker for LSU from 1085 through 1990. This New Iberia, LA native is married and loves what he does, primarily dealing with governmental relations and the Educational side of Athletics with LSU’s 500 athletes, and he noted “College Athletics help make young people better.”

He said the Name/Image/Likeness is the biggest issue today and, with coaches making huge salaries, the student athletes get relatively nothing. He did note that each athlete does get a “cost of attendance” fee of about $1,900 per month or about $300,000 per athlete during their career. “We take care of you for life”, saying you could come back in 40 years and get your degree if you wanted to, but paying athletes to play would be disastrous for most schools who lose money on athletics right now.

Verge said women outnumber men in college now and Title 9 will further reduce men’s scholarships in the future. He opined that long-term big money contracts for college coaches is killing colleges and suggested a bonus system for high performance makes more sense. It’s all about Finances and Money.

The 50/50 was drawn and awarded to Ron Sumpter. Adjournment was at 8:27pm. 
By: Bill Tunnell
By: Jim Walker
Our Next 
GCAC Meeting

November 4th, 2019

Joe Cribbs
Former Auburn RB
and Buffalo Bills Legend
Joe Cribbs, a record-setting player at Auburn who also starred in the National Football League, was born in Sulligent, AL. After high school, Cribbs attended Auburn where he set a school record in 1978 by rushing for 100 or more yards in seven straight games. Overall, from 1976 to 1979, Cribbs gained 3,368 yards rushing, 4,561 all-purpose yards and scored 34 touchdowns. Despite his stellar performance, the Tigers did not play in a bowl game during this period. 

Cribbs left college early for the 1980 NFL draft, and was picked in the second round by the Buffalo Bills. He was named AFC Rookie of the Year and made the Pro Bowl in his first season. After a contract dispute, Cribbs left the Bills in 1984 to play two seasons with the Birmingham Stallions in the now-defunct United States Football League. He returned to the NFL, continuing his career with Buffalo, San Francisco, Indianapolis and Miami. 

After retiring in 1988, he returned to Alabama and has been involved in sports and charitable work.  

Click Here:  21 Questions With Joe Cribbs
By: Jim Walker
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