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Welcome to our GCAC
Gulf Shores High School Scholar 
Athlete Nominees page. 

Each of the following scholar athletes have been recognized and honoured at our Gulf Coast Athletic Club for their individual outstanding performance on the field or court and for their excellence in the classroom. 

Each nominee will be entered into our scholarship pool, where our GCAC board of directors will review and vote for one outstanding male and female scholar athlete.

The nominees for 2015-2016 include:
(in order of most recent appearance at our GCAC Meetings)
Nominees from our meeting of October 19th, 2015
Taylor Hurst & Austin Thompson
Taylor Ann Hurst
I am a senior at Gulf Shores High School. I am ranked second in my class with a 4.3 GPA and a 28 on my ACT. 

Throughout high school, I have been involved in many clubs like National Honor Society, Health Occupational Students of America, Juniorettes, Key Club, Yearbook Staff, Citizen Environmental Organization, and Diamond Girls. I volunteer at volleyball kids camps, at the AVCA Collegiate Beach Volleyball Tournament, and more. I am also apart of the Health Science Academy. I have played varsity volleyball since 8th grade. 

I have received many awards like All County, All State Honorable Mention, Player of the Week, Most Valuable Player, and Athlete of the Month. I also play beach volleyball. I plan to play indoor volleyball and beach volleyball in college. 

I plan to pursue a career in the healthcare industry. I am very thankful for my family, teammates, coaches, friends, and teachers. 

​My name is Austin Thompson and I am humbled by the nomination.  
To tell you a little about myself, I am a Senior at Gulf Shores High School as you may already know. I have lived in the area off and on, for almost 8 years.

I have two passions that serve purposes in my life, aside from my religion. These would be Sports/Athletics and Music. High School sports I have participated in, would include Football, Wrestling, Swim Team, and Track. I am not afraid of competition and I have learned more life lessons on my own from sports than any advice that has been given to me.

My biggest inspirations and role models are my coaches, my father, who was a competitive boxer, my Mother, and various athletes, such as Connor McGregor, Sugar Ray Leonard, Joe Jackson, Magic Johnson, and Buster Douglas.

I plan to pursue either a career in Physical Therapy, Athletic Training, or Audio Engineering. I am still considering many colleges.
Friends or Family of Scholarship Nominees
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Contact Jim Walker:  JamesWalkerHomes@gmail.com
The Gulf Coast Athletic Club
Is Proud To Announce Our 
2016--Scholar Athlete 
$3,500 Scholarship Award Winners!

Taylor Brown & Ishan Patel

Taylor and Ishan will both receive a $3,500 Scholarship Award.
The GCAC, through the hard work of their members and partnered sponsors, were able to increase the scholarship award 
to the highest in the clubs history.

Taylor and Ishan were chosen from a distinguished list of Scholar Athletes from the Gulf Shores High School.  We wish nothing but continued success in the futures of both our winners.
G U L F   C O A S T   A T H L E T I C   C L U B
Nominees from our meeting of September 14th, 2015
Taylor Brown & Trey Williams
My name is Taylor Brown and I am a senior, student athlete at Gulf Shores High School. I am currently on the varsity volleyball and softball teams. In addition to my interest in sports, I am highly involved in National Honor Society, Key Club, Leo Club, Citizen Environmental Organization, Juniorettes, Book Club, and I am the current vice president of the Health Occupation Students of America club. 

Throughout my years, I have upheld a 4.3 GPA and have been involved in many community service projects including Art for Heart, Pennies for Patients benefiting the Leukemia Society, and more. I am inspired by a number of people including my family, my close friends, and my teachers who all set wonderful examples of good character traits and excellent study habits. In considering who my role models are, my parents and my coaches play a pivotal role by encouraging me to do my best, pushing me to my fullest potential, and leading by example. 

I plan to attend Auburn University in the fall of 2016 and study pre-medicine with a focus on sports medicine. 

From Trey Williams:
​Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am truly humbled by this nomination. It is evidence that hard work really does pay off. I want to thank my parents for the 6AM practice mornings and for keeping me straight on my academics. For always pushing me to not just be average but the best in what I do. Everything from doing my homework to playing the greatest game on this planet. Thank you to the coaches who in this short amount of time I have spent, for teaching me so much. Not only about football but about life. Coach Williams says he doesn't judge his success on the score board on Friday nights but in 15 years how good we are at being fathers and husbands. And when the time comes when we are at the hospital and the nurse shows us that tiny baby on the screen, One of my first thoughts will be I want him to play for coach Williams. 

In the future I want to continue my education and would like to go into the field of medicine. I want to be a first responder paramedic and also an Intensive Care Unit Nurse. Gulf Shores High School, Mrs.Dale Jernigan, and the people at Gulf Shores Fire Department have helped me so much by leading me into what I truly want to do with my life. 

My inspiration is to be a person of character both on and off the field. To be a person of God and to be someone that people look up to. To not fall for the ordinary but to be special and achieve greatness. To be a role model, and to touch the lives of people who I serve. 

I want to personally thank everyone in the gulf coast athletic club for your dedication and support of student athletics and scholarship. I appreciate your being here tonight. Again, thank you and go Dolphins!
The nominees for 2015-2016 season include:
(in recent order of appearance at our GCAC Meetings)
2016 Scholarship
Nominee from our meeting of November 9th, 2015
Caitlyn Martin
Nominee from our meeting of January 25th, 2016
Ishan Patel
My name is Ishan Patel and I would like to thank the Gulf Coast Athletic Club for recognizing me as a student athlete. 

Currently, I play basketball and golf at Gulf Shores High School. I have played basketball since 7th grade. I also played soccer my freshman and sophomore years. 
One of the biggest reasons I play sports is because of my older brother, Sai, who also played basketball at Gulf Shores High School. 

Ever since I started playing basketball competitively, my brother has always been my coach, he has pushed me to be my very best on and off the court. He has inspired me to always give 100%. He was able to make remarkable grades while playing sports. He was the salutatorian and student body President in his graduating class of 2014. 

This showed me that it is possible not only to excel at academics but as well as to be a respected athlete. He has taught me that hard work is the key to success..

When I am not studying or at practice, I enjoy spending time at home with my family. I also like to hangout with my friends and play basketball. 

I will be joining my brother Sai at the University of Auburn in the fall to study finance. 

Again, thank you for your time and your consideration.

Nominee from our meeting of January 25th, 2016
Dylan Sliwinski
My name is Dylan Sliwinski and I am honored to be chosen as a nominee for this excellent scholarship from the Gulf Coast Athletic Club.

I would first like to thank my parents for their continued support in school and sports. They have taught me that determination, hard work and a willingness to learn will help me pursue my dreams. 

I also want thank Coach Carlton Paris, he has been a great role model and mentor to
me. He tells all his students and players to achieve success now as a young adult will carry over into your adult life and help you be a productive member of society.

With my academic success throughout elementary, middle and high school, I have chosen to attend Mississippi State University in the fall. I plan to study business and pursue a career in Sports Marketing.