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Spirit, and Community Pride
2017 Scholarship
Welcome to our GCAC
Gulf Shores High School Scholar 
Athlete Nominees page. 

Each of the following scholar athletes have been recognized and honoured at our Gulf Coast Athletic Club for their individual outstanding performance on the field or court and for their excellence in the classroom. 

Each nominee will be entered into our scholarship pool, where our GCAC board of directors will review and vote for one outstanding male and female scholar athlete.

The nominees for 2016-2017 include:
(in order of most recent appearance at our GCAC Meetings)
The Gulf Coast Athletic Club
Is Proud To Announce Our 
2017--Scholar Athlete 
$3,000 Scholarship Award Winners!

Tristen Fitts and Conner Reese

Tristen and Conner will both receive a $3,000 Scholarship Award.
The GCAC, through the hard work of their members and partnered sponsors, were able to increase the scholarship award 
to the highest in the clubs history.

Tristen and Conner were chosen from a distinguished list of Scholar Athletes from the Gulf Shores High School.  We wish nothing but continued success in the futures of both our winners.
G U L F   C O A S T   A T H L E T I C   C L U B
The nominees for 2016-2017 
Scholarship Awards include:
(listed in order of appearance at our GCAC Meetings)
Nominees from our meeting of October 24th, 2016.
Tiffany Hughes and Bailey Roan
Tiffany Hughes:​

My name is Tiffany Hughes and I am a senior at Gulf Shores High School. I am very involved in both my community and school. I have maintained a 3.5 GPA while taking all AP courses, playing three sports, and being an active member in both marching and concert band. In this past year's AP English Test I passed with a high enough grade to allow me to skip that course in college. At the end of this year I hope to have many other college courses under my belt as well.

I am very involved in my school throughout many clubs. I am a member of the International Club, Gridiron Girls, HOSA, and the Pep Rally Decorating Group. And have in the past been in NJHS and Key Club.

This upcoming season will be my sixth year on the high school softball team, starting my seventh grade year. I have also been on the Varsity basketball team all four years of high school. In both ninth and tenth grade I was a member of the volleyball team as well. 

I have been a proud member of the marching band since my eighth grade year and have been a section leader for both percussion and piccolo. I have played in the Varsity concert band since eighth grade year as well, always placing in a high end chair. I have been awarded 15 different medals and my concert band has placed second overall and best in class at the worldwide "Festival Disney" concert competition.

I participate in many youth camps for the young athletes of our city, have been a part of the sea turtle rescue team, and have been a youth leader at my church for toddlers. 

I have five different offers to play softball at the next level but am still undecided as to where I am going. I plan to pursue a major in Biology and hopefully attend medical school at South Alabama afterwards. I want to become a surgeon in either pediatrics or cardio thoracic.

I have chosen this as my career, because I want to give back to my community. As a child I battled with asthma aggressively. Always being sick, I was constantly in the hospital, including on holidays. I know if it weren't for the good doctors that I had, I may not have been able to become the athlete I am today. I want to take the love and care the doctors gave me, and give it back to others struggling with the same thing. 

What inspires me to be the best student athlete I can be is my parents. I have seen them go through very tough times and pull through, all while providing for me and my brothers. That pushes me to be the best I can everyday because it shows me that no matter what the situation, if you work hard enough you can come back from it. Seeing how successful they are today in both running their own business and our family, I hope that by learning everything I can from them I can one day do the same.
Bailey Roan:

Bailey Roan is 17 years old from Homewood Alabama but recently moved to Orange Beach Alabama to be part of the Gulf Shores High School wrestling team.
He starting wrestling at the age 5 and it became the sport for him. 
Wrestling inspires Bailey in many ways. He liked how it is considered to be an individual sport, but yet you become family with the team and other wrestlers. No matter who walks off the mat as the winner of that match, Bailey feels all the wrestlers are winners. It is a tough sport and it takes devotion, motivation, will power and drive. 
After graduation Bailey would like to continue wrestling in a college (not yet sure which one as of date) 
Also Bailey would like to become a wrestling coach to help other kids find their potential and drive in who they are. 
Bailey hopes to coach this summer at a local wrestling club and visit the High school after graduation in order to teach and better the team.
Nominees from our meeting of September 26th, 2016
Tristen Fitts & Grey Loper
Tristen Fitts:

Hard-working, determined, and committed to excellence. Tristen strives to be the best she can be at everything she does. Tristen has maintained a 4.3 GPA and has a 28 on her ACT all while being committed to her church, family, community, job, and sports. 

Tristen was a member of the varsity softball team for three years, including her eighth grade year, and a member of the varsity volleyball team for four years and is the captain this year. She is also a member of the high school’s javelin team, and made it to the state competition her first year.  

Tristen volunteers at many events in the Gulf Shores community, like Breakfast with Santa, NAIA National Championship track meet, and sports camps for the children of the community. She also is an active member in her church. 

 Tristen is a member of the leadership team at Gulf Shores United Methodist Church and volunteers regularly at the bread ministry. 

 She plans to attend Auburn University in the fall of 2017, and hopes to pursue a career in orthodontics. Tristen wishes to pursue this profession because she sees it as a way she can give back to society. She can take an insecure individual, correct their problem, and watch them flourish in their new-found confidence.

Grey Loper:

I am Grey Loper I am a senior at Gulf Shores High School. My role model is Nathan Harris, the way Nathan lived his life is what inspires me to be the student and the athlete I am. After high school I hope to attend the University of South Alabama and pursue a career in the medical field by becoming a nurse. 

Nominees from our meeting of November 21st, 2016.
Mary Marlowe Bailey and Conner Reese
Mary Marlowe Bailey:​

Conner Reese:

My Name is Conner Reese; I am a Senior at Gulf Shores High School. My Father, Rob Reese and Brother, Lenzy Reese are my two main role models in life. I strive to be as strong and smart as my Father, while being a great athlete like my brother. I plan on attending either The University of South Alabama or Mississippi State University, to seek a career in the engineering field.  
Conner Reese and  Tristen Fitts
Conner Reese and  Tristen Fitts