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Celebrating Sports Fellowship, 
Spirit, and Community Pride
2018 Scholarship
Welcome to our GCAC
Gulf Shores High School Scholar 
Athlete Nominees page. 

Each of the following scholar athletes have been recognized and honoured at our Gulf Coast Athletic Club for their individual outstanding performance on the field or court and for their excellence in the classroom. 

Each nominee will be entered into our scholarship pool, where our GCAC board of directors will review and vote for one outstanding male and female scholar athlete.

The nominees for 2017-2018 include:
(in order of most recent appearance at our GCAC Meetings)
The Gulf Coast Athletic Club
Is Proud To Announce Our 
2017-2018--Scholar Athlete 
$3,500 Scholarship Award Winners!

Erin Corcoran and Jyon Corbett

Erin and Jyon will both receive a $3,500 Scholarship Award.
The GCAC, through the hard work of their members and partnered sponsors, were able to increase the scholarship award 
to the highest in the clubs history.

Erin & Jyon were chosen from a distinguished list of Scholar Athletes from the Gulf Shores High School.  We wish nothing but continued success in the futures of both our winners and all the Nominees.

G U L F   C O A S T   A T H L E T I C   C L U B
The nominees for 2018-2019 
Scholarship Awards include:
(listed in order of appearance at our GCAC Meetings)
Erin Corcoran and Jyon Corbett
with Linda Martin & Dec McClelland
Nominees from our meeting of September 24th, 2018.
Megan Kirby and Jacob Knight
                 Megan Kirby      Jamarcus Russell     Jacob Knight
​Esteemed members of the Gulf Coast Athletic Club:

My name is Megan Kirby and I am a senior at Gulf Shores High School. I would like to express my humble gratitude for your recognition as a scholar athlete. 

Prior to my junior year, I attended school in Missouri, where I played volleyball, basketball, and swam for my high school. Unfortunately, I suffered a significant knee injury and had to “retire” from basketball. 

Since moving to Gulf Shores, I have been a proud member of the Lady Dolphins Varsity Volleyball team. My hobbies include beach volleyball, swimming, playing guitar, piano, and singing. I am involved in several organizations including National Honors Society (historian), HOSA, International Club, Student Government Association, and Key Club.

 This summer I represented Gulf Shores High School at Girls State in Tuscaloosa and was elected Editor in Chief of the Girls State Newspaper. 

My professional goal is to become a physician. I have done extensive hospital volunteer work, where I learned about the medical field. I am currently undecided as to where I will attend college; however, I plan to apply for early acceptance at the UAB and University of South Alabama’s medical schools. 

Thank you again for this opportunity.

Jacob Knight

I am a senior at Gulf Shores High School and currently I have a 4.0 weighted GPA and scored a 29 on the ACT. I have taken advanced placement courses along with being a three sport athlete during my high school experience.

While playing football I’ve had the privilege of being a three-year starter on both offense and defense; being named a captain; serving on the team leadership council and earned the highest GPA award my sophomore year.

I am very active in my church. I serve as a leader in the youth group and in children’s church each Sunday and Wednesday. I also participate on our Serve Team at church, where we do service projects to aide our community. 

I also volunteer at the local elementary school each year helping teachers with projects and events. I created a mentoring program where positive role models from the High School serve as mentors to at risk youth at the elementary school. I also participate in the Football Buddy Reading Program in which football players from the high school read to students at the elementary school.

I would not be the person that I am today without the love and support of my parents, John and Jennifer Knight. As to who a role model has been for me, it would have to be Tim Tebow because he stays true to his convictions regardless of whether people find them popular or not. He is passionate about his faith and you can see that in the way he lives his life.

I would love to continue playing football while pursuing a degree in administration and ministry. My dream would be to play football and earn a degree from Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida then pursue ministry and a position as a firefighter.

Erin Corcoran and Jyon Corbett with Linda Martin & Dec McClelland
Nominees from our meeting of October 22nd, 2018.
Kaily Werthem and Conrad Reetz
   Kaily Werthem      Conrad Reetz
​My name is Kaily Werthem. I am deeply honored and grateful to be recognized by the Gulf Coast Athletics Club as a Scholar Athlete. First, I would like to thank those who have helped me become who I am. I would not be who I am today and would not have this opportunity without the love, time, support, and dedication of my parents, Carl & Judi Grant, the GSHS Coaching staff, Coach Akins, Coach Blake, Coach Reinhardt, Athletic Trainers Alisha Tolbert and David Elliot, and Principal Veazy. 

I am a senior at Gulf Shores High School. During my 4 years at Gulf Shores High School I have maintained a 4.6 weighted GPA and have actively participated in three to four sports per year. In May I will graduate with full honors earning the Endorsement Diploma, which means I have taken the highest honors/AP classes available to me for all four years of high school. I began my career in high school athletics at the age of 12, in 7th grade, by running for the High School Track team and playing soccer for the High School Junior Varsity Team, eventually moving up to Varsity.

During my time attending Gulf Shores I have participated in four Sports. Cross Country - I qualified for State each time I participated in the 6A sectional qualifying meet and currently hold two school records Soccer - I held a starting position all three years of my high school career and was Captain of the team during my Junior year. Track & Field - I qualified to compete at State almost every season and placed in the top 20 in the state in two separate running events. Additionally, for the past two years I have been part of the Sports Medicine/Athletic Training team assisting our football players and coaches during the Football Season. Being part of the Sports Medicine team has helped me narrow down the path I would like to pursue for my future career.  

In 2014 I was the first Gulf Shores High School student recognized by the Mobile Optimist Club by being recognized as the Cross Country “Runner of the Week” by the Mobile County club. Over the course of my High School Sports Career, I made “All County” for Cross Country, Track & Field, and in Soccer. 

Aside from the time and attention I dedicate to academics and sports, I am very involved and regularly attend Liberty Church, and I participate in National Honors Society, Juniorettes, Senior Task Force, Leadership in FCA, Key Club, and Peer Helpers. I work with Elementary and Middle School aged children weekly and volunteer at the Elementary school assisting teachers weekly. 

I am currently undecided as to where I will attend college; however, I would like to attend a 4 year University as I plan to pursue a career in Sports Medicine.

My name is Conrad Reetz, and it is my dream to attend the United States Air Force Academy and then serve in the Air Force as a commissioned officer. I run cross country at my school and I am actively involved in band, church, and my local scout troop. Two years ago I earned my Eagle Scout, and I have since earned three Eagle Palms. I am also a section leader over the low brass section in the Gulf Shores High School Band. My role models are simply anyone who is a great leader and makes a change in the world whether big or small. These people who chose to sacrifice their time and lives to aid the world inspire me. My uncle is a great example of this as a colonel in the United States Air Force. He has mentored me and helped me to follow my dream of attending the United States Air Force Academy.

Conrad Reetz
Nominees from our meeting of November 19, 2018.
Hays Graf and Domminick Monteleone
         Hays Graf             Domminick Monteleone
Hays Graf – Cheerleading  
                          Rank in class 3  
                          ACT 29
                          GPA 4.41

I have lived in Orange Beach for ten years, and have participated in the cheer programs of Gulf Shores Middle School, Gulf Shores High School, and Gulf Coast Tumbling for six years. Ever since I began, cheerleading has been one of my absolute favorite things to do, along with reading, singing, and spending time with my family. 

I am constantly inspired by the word of God and by the wonderful people I have surrounded myself with that feed positive energy into my life. I love to give to others through volunteer opportunities, and I have learned to love to do these things from my amazing family. 

After high school, I will be attending the University of Alabama, studying child psychology or child speech pathology.

 I am extremely grateful for every opportunity that has been sent my way, and for Gulf Coast Athletic Club's generous acknowledgment of all the time and work I have put into my studies and my sport.

Domminick Monteleone – Soccer/Bowling 
                                                        Rank in class 14
                                                        ACT 32  
                                                        GPA 4.31