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Welcome to our GCAC
Gulf Shores High School Scholar 
Athlete Nominees page. 

Each of the following scholar athletes have been recognized and honoured at our Gulf Coast Athletic Club for their individual outstanding performance on the field or court and for their excellence in the classroom. 

Each nominee will be entered into our scholarship pool, where our GCAC board of directors will review and vote for one outstanding male and female scholar athlete.
The nominees for 2022-2023 
Scholarship Awards include:
(listed in order of most recent appearance at our GCAC Meetings)
Nominees from our meeting of October 10th, 2022
 Jensen Ward & Cameron Cooper
The Gulf Coast Athletic Club
Is Proud To Announce Our 
2022-2023--Scholar Athlete 
$2,500 Scholarship Award Winners!

Lily Zlab and Cameron Cooper

Lily and Cameron will both receive a $2,500 Scholarship Award.
The GCAC, through the continued hard work of their members and partnered sponsors, were able to maintain the scholarship award 
at the highest amount in the clubs history.

Lily and Cameron were chosen from a distinguished list of Scholar Athletes from the Gulf Shores High School.  We wish nothing but continued success in the futures of both our winners and all the Nominees.

G U L F   C O A S T   A T H L E T I C   C L U B
Jensen Ward

Cameron Cooper

Nominees from our meeting of September 26th, 2022
 Kevin Ellis and Calista Sweet
Kevin Ellis
My name is Kevin Ellis and have participated in Cross Country, Indoor Track, Outdoor Track, Soccer, and Scholar's Bowl. At the moment, I am training the hardest I ever have in order to help motivate my cross-country team to win as a family while most likely breaking school records along the way. When I'm not running, I strive to maintain my personal expectations of doing my best academically. Since my very first report card, I've worked hard to never score below an A, and I plan to keep it that way. When it comes to both academics and sports, my friends and family inspire me to push further. Without them, I'd have no one to race, no one to study with, and most of all... no one to win with. I don't have a singular role model, as my role model is effort. I hope to be like my parents, some of my teachers, and my coach because of the incredible amount of effort they put into their lives. Although I have not yet set my sights on a specific career path, I know I want to be an engineer of some type, as I love problem solving and creating solutions to help others. In order to pursue my engineering dreams, Virginia Tech, Purdue University, and Auburn University are some of the colleges I will be applying to. 
Calista Sweet  (Calista was unable to attend the meeting)
Currently, I play club soccer for Coastal Rush. I also play Varsity School soccer, where I have been a starter and active member for the last 4 years.
I have experience of playing at a high level, having previously proven myself as a regular player for the Gulf Coast National Premiere Team for soccer.  
With full support from my parents who are my role models because of all their support throughout the years, I have achieved high grades and made A-honor roll throughout my school career. I have kept a 4.2 GPA having taken Honors, Dual Enrollment and AP classes. 
My aspiration is to become a dentist by attending Huntingdon College, where I would play soccer and major in biochemistry. This would qualify me to attend the UAB Dental School to complete my studies and specialized training to reach my goal. 
I am a part of the Junior Leadership program and key club where it is already providing me with key opportunities to improve my leadership and community skills, which will be paramount in dentistry and establishing connections in the next phases of my life. 
(Calista not pictured)
By:Jim Walker
By:Jim Walker
By:Jim Walker
Nominees from our meeting of January 30th, 2023
 Keller Thomas
Keller Thomas

I have been on the track team at GSHS with a focus in pole vaulting, but last year also participated in mid-distance races and relays. In the past, I have been on recreational swim teams, and have been a martial artist for almost 10 years. I've also been on the drum line of the marching band since freshman year. Academics have always been a priority. I have been recognized by the College Board as an AP Scholar with Distinction, and as a National Rural and Small Town Academic Scholar. I have a current GPA of 4.4 and am a member of Gulf Shores' ACT 30+ Club with a score of 35, as well as the National Honor Society. Ultimately, I hope to attend Rice University in Houston, but will not receive admission letters for Rice or MIT until March. I have been accepted into Auburn University, under the Spirit of Auburn Presidential Scholarship, with an application to the Honors College as well. Wherever I end up going, I intend to major in natural sciences and possibly minor in music.

By:Jim Walker
Scholarship Recipients
    ​Lily Zlab and Cameron Cooper    
with George Autrey and Taylor Means  
Nominees from our meeting of November 21st, 2022
 Lily Zlab
Lily Zlab

Dear Members of the Gulf Coast Athletic Club,

Firstly, thank you very much for your consideration. Having the opportunity to potentially receive this scholarship means a lot to me because, unlike other student-athletes, I am not going to college to play sports with an athletic scholarship. I plan on going to Auburn University and, while there, focus on my academics and path to becoming a pharmacist.

My grades throughout high school have remained pretty much the same, all
a’s and b’s, but higher than most student-athletes, as many get carried away in their sports and don’t spend as much time on schoolwork. Throughout my ten years as a student-athlete, I’ve always made time for school and volunteer opportunities while having good time-management skills that have kept my intellect higher than most kids my age.

I take pride in my athletic ability and achievements the most. In my final
volleyball season, I helped lead my team to the final four, which isn’t often
done at Gulf Shores; in fact, it was our first trip to the state tournament since 2011. Speaking of state, I recently became one of the first athletes at Gulf Shores to bring home a state championship in indoor track and field, more specifically, the high jump. Earning this title shocked many, as I have only participated in track and field for less than a year.

Again, thank you for recognizing me and allowing me to potentially receive
this award.

Lily Zlab